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How it works

WQSB Distance Education courses are recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur of Quebec. 

In Distance Education you work independently and schedule a meeting with your teacher if you need help. 

  1. Register Online 

  2. Perhaps take placement tests in French/English/Math. 

  3. Meet with an Academic Advisor. 

  4. Finalize Registration (come to closest Adult Education centre to verify registration documents) 

  5. Receive an introductory email from your teacher(s) 

  6. Get your material (books, etc.) 

  7. Start working independently. 

  8. Get help from your tutor – scheduled meetings (7 max per single credit course code, 10 for 2/3/4 credit course, including 1 introductory meeting) 

  9. Send all checklist assignments to your teacher

  10. Complete pre-test online 

  11. Write your exam in person (2 days notice needed for last minute bookings.)

  12. Proceed to your next course/goal 

For teacher help and feedback - you should only be sending checklist assignments or pretests to a teacher for feedback, or getting help through a meeting. Otherwise no feedback from a teacher should be expected. Teacher turnaround on feedback could take up to 5-7 days.

From Jan 2023 students in Distance Education can take up to 2 courses at a time!

Process: To continue in Distance Education you will need to re-register every 6 months (we will make this process as straightforward as possible)

The Ministry of Education will rollout (in 2023) Diagnostic Tests which can be used for quick promotion to the student's appropriate level. Until that time we will likely be able to honour local placement tests (more information to come)

Graduation Requirements


Québec Secondary School Diploma

To obtain a Québec Secondary School Diploma, a student must complete 54 credits.


The 54 credits are distributed as follows:

12 credits – Sec. IV and V English First Language

8 credits – Sec. IV and V French Second Language

4 credits – Sec. IV or V Mathematics

4 credits – Sec. IV or V Science and Technology

4 credits – Sec. IV or V Social Sciences

22 credits – Sec. IV or V Option credits (at least 20 credits from Sec. V level)

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